Jammu in the northern part of India is a state which comprises of people from different backgrounds with rich culture and heritage. A land of temples, green valleys and the alluring snow capped mountains Jammu is surely a land of diversity. The variety and richness of Jammu can truly be seen in the people, culture and lifestyle in Jammu.

The land of temples, the famous Vaishno Devi and Amarnath Temple, Jammu is often considered an important pilgrimage during the religious tours of India. People from diverse race and background assemble for pilgrimage trips to Vaishno Devi from Jammu. Besides this there are a number of beautiful tourist attractions of Jammu and Kashmir that attracts tourists from all over the world.

People in Jammu:
Jammu is not only beautiful because of its breathtaking natural beauty but also the warmth and love of the people in Jammu makes it beautiful. Amongst the diverse races in Jammu, the Dogras are one of the significant people.

The Dogras are the Aryan descendants who speak Dogri language which is a mixture of Sanskrit, Punjabi and Persian. Another significant achievement of the Dogras is the Basohli School of paintings which has made an immense contribution to the Indian paintings.

Besides Dogras the Brahmins are also there who are mainly engaged in agriculture. The Chibbalis and the Sudans are also one of the Muslim martial races. Khatris and Majhajans in Jammu follow trade and commerce while the Harijans are also there. The Paharis are the warm and friendly people who are mentally and physically quite strong. The Kishtawari populations are quite simple village folk who still believe in age old superstitions and lead a simple life. Uniqueness in people, culture and lifestyle in Jammu is visible in every sphere.

Culture in Jammu:
The culture of Jammu is as diverse as its topography and its population. Because of its diversity there are different cultures breeding in the same place. In Jammu the traditional Punjabi festivals like Lohri and Baisakhi are organized which adds the zeal and color and festivity to this valley. Gujjars are also an important tribe who are the inhabitants of Jammu. So festivals of Gujjars are also celebrated here.

A sense of warmth and color is seen in the people, culture and lifestyle in Jammu.

Lifestyle in Jammu:
People, culture and lifestyle in Jammu is quite diverse and has a rich variety which allures the tourists. Globalization has changed the lifestyle of all the cities and Jammu is no different but still it has retained its unique charm and vintage flavor. Jammu is now slowly on its way to modernization but there are certain things which remain inherent to Jammu. Most of the Muslim women wear burqa and phiran is the traditional dress of the womenfolk. Jammu is famous for its art and craft and there are a number of handicrafts industries of Jammu and Kashmir that flourish in Jammu. There are a number of open air markets which sells exquisite items. Jammu is also called the land of temples and people here are quite religious and God fearing. From Islam to Buddhism, Jammu strengthens the kaleidoscopic fabric of India.